Monday, September 17, 2007

Pelajar Sekolah Bermasalah Berzina?

Pelajar Sekolah Bermasalah Berzina?

Teen Sexual Awareness.

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The word itself is taboo. Mention “sex” and many are only too shy to discuss it, much less willing to debate it. Sometimes parents are too embarrassed and skip this “difficult” subject, leaving it to the child, or teenager to discover for himself the truths and myths about sex.

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Awareness is vital if we are to educate and teach the child the do’s and don’ts regarding sex. The more information that is disbursed, the more informed he is. At present, schools do provide a form of education on sex, covering a wide range of topics, from the make up of the sexual organs to how pregnancy occurs. But this is not enough.

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The public can, hand in hand with the education authorities, help encourage awareness among teens and youths. One way is to hold roadshows - make it big, make it grand and promote the event at places where youths abound; at supermarkets and town centres or even at community halls.

The average teen, whose hormones are a-raging, needs to be guided and shown the correct facts and figures when it comes to sex. They are usually too shy to approach their parents, and most of the time, they get their facts from friends and sadly, from pornography.

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